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I made a purchase on eBay from a seller named Ultimate Arms. They are a reseller of Chinese imported "tactical" gear, mostly for the Air Soft crowd.

I found one of their products that looked nice; a tactical digital camo shoulder bag and since it was only $24.95 with free shipping and a lifetime warranty, I thought I would give it a try. I received the bag about a week after purchasing and the first time I used it the bag ripped during normal use. The eBay listing says that the product carries a lifetime warranty so I called Ultimate Arms at their toll free customer support number, 1-800 535 4213, and spoke to a guy named Elliott.

Elliott was very nice and polite and said that if I send the bag back that they would send a replacement right away. I was required to pay the return freight charges of $14. I sent the defective bag back and didn't hear anything from them for a week or so, so I emailed them and they told me that the replacement was on its way.

So today I receive a package in the mail and open it. Much to my surprise the item is different then the one I ordered and different from the item shown in their eBay listing. I pick up the phone and called Ultimate Arms in New Jersey. This time I get another guy, not Elliott (not yet) and I explain the situation and ask what needed to be done so that I get the correct item. He says let me ask the guys in the warehouse. He comes back on the line and says that the bags are not being made a different way and that there is nothing he can do to get me the correct bag, HOWEVER, if I would like to return the bag at my expense (for the second time), they would issue me a merchandise credit for the bag.

I told him that my expectation was to get the same item that I purchased. He said he could not do that, so I asked for a full refund. He said that the only thing they could give me was a merchandise credit minus a processing fee and that I would have to pay the return shipping. I told the guy that I had already paid return shipping once and would they be willing to pick up the defective item at their expense. He said no and that I had no other options. I tried to explain to him that what they sent me was different then my original purchase and that it was not the same as the item in the eBay listing picture, he told me he could not be responsible for that. The next thing I know my friend Elliott is on the phone (he must be the boss or at least the boss's son). He says to me that he did me a favor the first time that I called and that he should have never replaced the bag then. I tried to explain to him that the product claimed to have a lifetime warranty and he flatly told me to "Take your business elsewhere".

OK, let's think about this....I paid $24.95 for the bag. I paid $14 to return it to them the first time because the piece of junk ripped immediately, now this guy is telling me that all I can do is pay $14 AGAIN to return the bag and then he would give me some type of merchandise credit. The amount of the merchandise credit was never determined, because he said to me that returns required a $5.95 handling fee. So it sounded to me like he was going to charge me this handling fee twice, once for the original return and then once again for the second return. Ok, let's do the math;

$24.95 (paid) - $14.00 (shipping) - $14.00 (shipping) - $5.95 (handling) - $5.95 (handling)

So this means that if I were to return the second defective item, Ultimate Arms would stand to make all of their profit on the first product sale plus $11.90 in handling fees plus I would be out an additional $28 in shipping fees. So this means that the retailer actually made more money on this defective transaction than normal. Very nice. And me, the consumer, is out everything...oh, let's not forget that I do have a beautiful, piece of ***, defective bag from China sold and marketed with a lifetime warranty by our friends in New Jersey, Ultimate Arms. So do you think that after Elliott hung up on me that the lifetime warranty is still valid?

I is scary to think that there are garage business like this Ultimate Arms that claim to be real businesses offering lifetime warranties, when in actuality they are providing nothing but a sham storefront hiding behind the eBay logo.

I would advise that you avoid Elliott and Ultimate Arms at all cost. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your fellow NRA members, tell your fellow gun owners that Ultimate Arms in New Jersey is a piece of *** business. I am going to do my best to spead the word about these guys and their scam tactics on every consumer site and gun forum that I am a member on. The only way to stop jerks like this is to hit them where it hurts...in their wallets.

Hey Elliott, never underestimate the power of one man with active account on 50 gun forums and countless connections in the world of Online Marketing.

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Whenever I purchase something on ebay, I look for the terms of the sale. I also look to see if my purchase is covered by ebay buyer protection.

A negative feedback on an ebay seller will put a hurting on them as well. I would contact ebay about their buyer protection and see if they will do anything for you.


First thing is Don't Purchase Chinese ***!

Second thing is report the company to E-Bay.

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